Marketing, at it’s very best, is Teaching

The above phrase came from a combination of two events.  I should explain first that I had my first training/orientation meeting at my new company today.  I am very excited about the company and the work they do, but I am sure any who read my content can expect enough on that in the coming months.

The phrase above comes from a combination of two things that my new boss said to me today, without (I believe) any idea how well they actually fit together.  At the outset of the conversation, he was telling me about the attitude and culture based on which this company operates.   He emphasized a focus on customer relationships and “teaching” as important factors.  In terms of teaching, he did not only mean teaching people how to use their products, but also sharing any new knowledge with whomever is interested just to better the conversation.

Later in the training, he made a claim to me about not being an expert in marketing.  Based on the end of the above paragraph, I (at the moment) must disagree.  In the limited experience that I have thus far both working in and gathering knowledge about marketing, the very best marketing is exactly the idea to which he unknowingly referred, teaching and sharing.  Teaching about products, services, benefits, and sharing loads of knowledge.

I should probably also note that my bosses gave me a copy of Zappos CEO Tony Hseieh’s book, “Delivering Happiness”, and I highly recommend it.  I read it all in one night, and love both the lessons and knowledge that Hsieh teaches and shares.  Not ironically at all, I am seriously motivated to go buy something off Zappos and talk to a customer service rep just for fun 🙂

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