One Short Moment to Reflect

Screen Shot 2014-05-15 at 8.28.54 PM(This is the least organized post I have ever written and will ever write)

It hit me, at some point during my final days before graduation, how much the last four years have truly changed me as a person.  Let me throw out a huge disclaimer here before we start: I usually keep my self reflecting and emotional moments to myself.  Between all the reflective Facebook statuses, Tweets, and other social media messages that my friends and classmates have used to express their feelings toward finishing up college, I just never really felt the need to do so, until now.  I realize that I have met so many people, done a lot of different things, and learned so much through the past years, that I will hate myself if I don’t at least take a few minutes to acknowledge it.

I don’t want to bore anyone with the details, if you want to know them then just ask me, but really I just want to touch on the important parts.  I learned how to work hard in college, no that does not mean I put in as much study time as I probably could have, but I learned to get done what needs to get done, and when above and beyond is necessary.  I learned how to utilize my own strengths, in school, in work, and in my social life.  I learned how to have a really good relationship, and how incredibly fun it is when you do it right.  I made the best friends I have ever had, and learned how special having them really is.  I learned that waking up drunk is better than waking up hungover.  I learned that you should live your life the way that you want to, and the way that will make you the most happy.  If anyone tells you that you’re doing it wrong, take their advice into account, or just politely tell them to fuck off.  I learned how important my family is, because as I have matured so has my understanding of what a huge part each and every one of them plays in my life.

Most importantly, I learned from some very smart people that despite what schools and exams and resumes and numbers try to tell you, life is just a series of experiences.  If you get something wrong it’s okay, learn from it and move on.  If one day sucks, the next one will get better.

I am fully confident that I will learn as much or more in the next four years as I did in the last.  It may get harder, and having real responsibilities will bring about new challenges, but I think I can do it.  Through two schools, five jobs, and too many amazing memories to count, I have somehow figured out who I am.

I guess if there is one thing I have to say about the last four years, it’s that all of it has been really fucking fun.

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