Marketing Lean: How to Plan Efficient Initiatives in a Bootstrapped Setting

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From day one at Drifty, I realized that working bootstrapped is a whole new (and very exciting) ballgame. At a lean startup, time and dollars cannot be wasted. Mistakes have to be minimal, and every single mistake must have very valuable takeaways for the future.  In my experiences with online marketing, sales, and social media, I like to think that I have built a lengthy knowledge bank of mistakes to avoid when designing a marketing plan/strategy.  Many of these mistakes are those that I have made, many are those I have watched others make.  I have learned from each and every one, and come out of it just a little bit smarter.  What is the common denominator in all of these mistakes?  It is VERY hard to tell that it was a mistake unless you look in the right places.

I will give you examples of two common problems/misconceptions that I have seen at every job I’ve had:

 1) A company wants to grow its user database and generate some leads, so they throw some money into an online advertising strategy.  They pick some solid keywords to target and a core demographic, and launch the campaign. Continue reading “Marketing Lean: How to Plan Efficient Initiatives in a Bootstrapped Setting”