Who I Want to Be

I already know the kind of person/man I want to be, and I have two men to thank for that.

For the few, if any, that read these posts, I know that this comes as a bit of a curveball because most of the submissions are related to work, marketing and tech, or any combination of the two.  I am of the firm belief that my work is best when it is grounded in who I am, what I love, and what I am good at, so from time to time I may reflect on personal stuff.

I should probably start this by shooting some love out to my mother and sister.  You have both had amazing effects on teaching me about life and taking care of me, but this post is primarily about the male role models in my life.

That being said, recent and upcoming events have caused me to reflect a bit recently about how great of a support system I have had my entire life, and how I plan on shaping myself based on the lessons I have learned.  As far as the male examples in my life, I would go toe-to-toe with anyone who claims they have a better pair of teachers about life as a man than I have in my father and my brother.

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